Malmberg Water

Malmberg Water is a part of the Malmberg Group. The legal requirements for sustainability reporting are tied to Malmberg Water, registration number 556292-9272.

Malmberg Water operates in the areas of water treatment, biogas, and service & support.

We sell, size, design, and create optimized purification projects in the Nordic market. Clean water is an increasingly vital factor for the world’s survival, and its significance is expected to grow in the coming years.

The first biogas plant from Malmberg was already delivered in 1997, and today, over 120 facilities have been installed in Europe and China.

Both water treatment and biogas involve highly complex processes that need to be controlled and improved. Malmberg Water’s service & support ensures that our solutions deliver year after year.

Malmberg Water has 95 employees and operates in six different countries.

Malmberg Water conducts regulated activities subject to notification.

Turnover over time, kSEK
År Omsättning (tkr)
2017 270 023
2018 405 724
2019 403 179
2020 344 696
2021 321 842
2022 296 582

Financial sustainability Malmberg Water


296 582 kSEK / 318 588 kSEK


3 802 kSEK / 3 662 kSEK

Turnover per employee

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